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Welcome to the Commander Rules Discussion subforum. The purpose of this subforum is to give users a dedicated area where you can discuss whatever aspect of the Commander rules you want in a focused manner, from an individual card on the ban list all the way up to a core rule about the format.

Subforum Rules

  • All site rules and Commander forum rules are applicable here as well.
  • Before creating a new thread, please look to see if there is an existing SCD thread already (see below for full list). All new threads will be merged into existing threads at moderator discretion. NOTE: Thread necromancy is not a concern due to this rule
  • Use thread prefix tags - when creating a new thread, please use the appropriate tag so that there won't be any confusion. All threads are to be assumed to be for multiplayer EDH using the standard ban list unless otherwise indicated.
  • This area is for discussing the rules of the format, not Magic rules in general. All rules questions (how does X card interaction work; is this legal; etc.) will be moved to the Magic Rulings forum.
  • The moderators reserve the right to edit thread prefixes, titles, and opening posts for the purpose of making it clearer or more informational.
  • Be nice - you don't have to agree with other users, the Rules Committee, or the Commander Advisory Group, but voice your disagreement in a constructive manner.
  • Have fun! We know that these topics can become heated at times, but everyone is here out of passion for the format they love.

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