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Post by Tryno » 1 week ago

Premise of the deck is draw cards using the commander, use life gain creatures to keep the supply of blood for the Blood throne, and to just... grind your opponents into paste.

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Post by ISBPathfinder » 6 days ago

Thaumatic Compasss is a 2 cost so it should go above Oblivion Stone :P

I have had good success with Dowsing Dagger. You have 11 creatures that could carry it. Generally speaking if I curve a creature into a Dagger + equip and attack in the same turn I often can just give the tokens to someone who already has a board and swing into someone.

Vampiric Tutor is a great card.

Vesuva is really nice with the coffers. It would also go nicely with Dowsing Dagger as if you have ever flipped that beast into copying it..... mmmmmm thats some mana.

Necrogen Mists - it might fit some of what you are doing with some of the discard stuff. Its sort of nice in that it hits people quickly after casting and your commander's draw will probably make it far better for you than opponents.
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