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Post by NZB2323 » 7 months ago

My wife is getting into Magic and she asked if I could make a Wiccan deck for her. This is what I'm thinking:

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Post by EbonRose » 7 months ago

First off, love the concept. I've been trying to get my wife to at least *try* the game, just once, for 14 years. Its nice to see someone succeed :)

Anyway, I'm guessing there's not a super cohesive mechanical theme to the deck? I'm seeing some Aristocrats elements, is that sort of the wincon you're angling for? Value through self sacrificing? My wife and I are also witches, so I'm with you on how resonant that concept is with your goal.

I don't want to start spitting out card names until I get your response, so I know a little more about what your mechanical goals for the deck are.

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Post by Legend » 7 months ago

When playing Magic with one's wife, tread lightly. Unless she takes a competitive liking to the game, she isn't going to be impressed with your combos, Craterhoof Kill, etc.

It's also EXTREMELY difficult for anyone to learn how to play Magic with a Commander deck. Consider making two upgradable, "tutorial" decks that are full of vanilla creatures, sorceress, enchantments, artifacts, and simple instants.
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