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Welcome to the MTGNexus Lore Community! The normal MTGNexus rules apply here, but there are a few other rules specific to the Lore Community:

Before you make a new thread or ask a question:
  • Check the Wiki: The MTG Wiki is a fantastic resource for storyline information. To avoid cluttering the forum, please check the Wiki for an answer before you post a question.
  • Don't Practice Thread Necromancy: Please do not post in threads with more than three months of inactivity. Doing so will result in a Spam infraction. If new information comes to light that changes something in an old discussion, please just start a new thread with a link to the old thread rather than bringing the old one back to life.
  • Baseless Speculation is Not Allowed: If you have a theory or other speculative discussion, share it in the Lore Speculation area! However, please put some thought into it before you make a post. Implausible ideas like "I believe Gerrard will come back from the dead as a planeswalker" are spam and will result in an infraction for Baseless Speculation. This forum is for educated speculation based on available resources, so your theory must still be based on known facts. If your argument boils down to "It could happen" or "They can do what they want", your post is subject to a warning.
When discussing a topic, keep the following rules in mind:
  • Please keep Fan Fiction, Fanon, and other Non-Canon material confined to the Non-Canon Content area. Storyline is not the place for fan fiction. The main Lore area is for the discussion of the official story of Magic: The Gathering as produced by Wizards of the Coast. If you want to post about your idea for an original planeswalker with a cool backstory, or an idea for a Planar Chaos-style alternate universe, that belongs in the Non-Canon Content area.
  • Custom Card Creation is Not Allowed: Lore is not the place for creating custom cards. Though it will rarely come up, any card creation outside the appropriate area is prohibited. Proposing an ability as an example is fine but creating whole cards is not.
  • Topic Drift is Fine: While some areas insist you stay firmly on topic, we understand that compelling Lore discussions can arise naturally from topics that are only tangentially related to topic at hand. So long as the discussion is not forced and springs from the source material, we'll allow discussions to flourish off the beaten path.
  • Spoilers: If a thread is marked as [no spoilers], please keep all discussion of spoilers (beyond what has been revealed in the story so far) in spoiler tags.
And above all, have fun!

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