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Post by ktkenshinx » 1 month ago

Welcome to the helpdesk for the Historic forum!

This is an open discussion area for questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions you might have for this forum. Forum moderators subscribe to this thread and are happy to respond to posts within the thread's scope. Please keep all comments civil and remember all MTG Nexus and Modern rules apply here.

Examples of topics anyone is welcome to discuss in this thread include, but are not limited to, the following:

Approved topic examples
  • Forum organization and structure
  • Forum rule suggestions or ideas
  • Rule clarification
  • Identifying the best place to discuss something
  • Seeking help on how to create a thread, format a post, etc.
  • Notifying staff about forum/link errors
  • Other general forum management issues
Examples of topics that should not be discussed in this thread include, but are not limited to, the following. In general, there are better places to discuss these topics (e.g. banlist discussion in the State of Historic thread, appealing moderation through approved channels/PMs, etc.).

Prohibited topic examples
  • Ban/unban/banlist discussion
  • Complaining about a rule
  • Appealing or arguing a warning or infraction
  • Idle conversation, even about Historic
  • Calling out other users for alleged rule-breaking or personal reasons
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Post by BeneTleilax » 1 month ago

What's historic? I mean, I know the card type, but is WotC trying to spin off yet *another* random eternal format?

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