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Welcome to the Other Formats forum, where we welcome discussion pertaining to Vintage, Casual and other formats. Be aware that general forum rules apply, so please read those first if you have not. In addition, be aware of the following rules specific to this forum and its subforums.

I. Please use the appropriate subforum for the type of deck you would like to discuss. For example, if you want to discuss a casual deck that is Vintage legal, Casual would be the appropriate forum. But if you want your deck to be competitive in Vintage, use the Vintage forum.

II. Any discussion not having to do with Casual and other formats will be considered spam. Any post that does not add meaningful info to a discussion will be considered spam. For example, lets say I create a thread for my Craw Wurm deck. Then you respond with a post that says "cool story, bro." This would be considered spam.
That card is bad and you should feel bad for playing it.

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