[ELD] Irencrag Feat (Matthew Nass)

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Post by Rumpy5897 » 1 month ago

"Image" "Image"

I'm not following his tweet. Is there some established way to go from 2 to 4 red-heavy mana on turn two in modern? As, y'kno, turn three regular Tron Karn seems kind of the gold standard here.

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Post by Dusk » 1 month ago

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Post by pierreb » 1 month ago

Well, the advantage of tron is that it's not a one-shot deal. You get tons of mana every turn after you assemble tron. And the color requirement means you can't even add this to tron to improve its likelyhood of bustingsomething early.

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Post by Max Rebo » 1 month ago

Would have never guess that this art would be on this type of card.
Yee haw, here comes turn 4 Drakuseth. :)

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Post by Cyberium » 1 month ago

RRR is obviously intended to keep it from supporting combos in other colors, but is it enough...?

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