[ELD] Dance of the Manse (Commanderin')

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Post by Rumpy5897 » 1 month ago

"Image" "Image"

How to remind the world Replenish is never coming back, all while previewing the card in an unlisted, unpublicised YouTube video that none of the sources sharing the card bother to link to. Gee, thanks.

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Post by Serenade » 1 month ago

I might have missed it, but do all rares have the different borders in one of the new boosters?

I wish we had a choice in animating enchantments, but I guess that's probably a good cap.
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Post by The N82O Molecule » 1 month ago

if new theros has a enchantment theme. . .this card could be legit. . .lots and lots of 2 cast enchatments as tapping for four on this card seems like a sweet spot. x = 3 means basically all the lock enchantments in white. . .bring back all those ghostly prison your opponent has destroyed.

in sealed your hoping to cast this for 8 and win. not sure if this is bomb in sealed though (id have to research and I don't feel like it)

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Post by Mookie » 1 month ago

Mass reanimation effects always grab my attention. Interesting variant on Genesis Wave, Villainous Wealth, and Epic Experiment - going from the graveyard instead of from the deck.

As for the card itself.... animating the reanimated cards when X is large is somewhat disappointing for EDH, since it makes them much more vulnerable to removal. It also means you can't use any tap abilities your artifacts may have. On the other hand, board wipes are less relevant in limited and Standard - seems like it could be a potent finisher there, where the 4/4 bodies are more relevant.
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Post by Cyberium » 1 month ago

Yep, in preparation for Theros. Some might buy this out just for that.

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