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Post by void_nothing » 2 years ago

Welcome to the Limited forum, where we welcome all discussion pertaining to Sealed Deck and Draft. Be aware that general forum rules apply, so please read those first if you have not. In addition, be aware of the following rules specific to this forum and its subforums.

I. All Posts Must Have Substantive Limited Content. Basically, what you're saying must make some kind of point about Limited, whether that be a specific card, something like removal or bombs in general, rules, guidelines, and mnemonics, a specific set's Draft experience, or anything else pertaining to Limited. You can make that point in any way you want, as long as it's respectful - this means memes and reaction posts are acceptable as long as they actually pertain to Limited.

II. No Constructed Discussion Whatsoever. Do not make a post about how a card performs in Standard, the value of a set you've drafted in Modern, or any other discussion about a Constructed format and the cards within it. That is entirely outside the scope of this forum, and within its confines, has to be considered spam. You're welcome to discuss Constructed in the forums specifically for those formats.

III. Identify the Limited Environment You're Talking About If Necessary. Not so much a rule as a helpful hint. Be specific with your questions; if you want to know how the overall quality of black removal is in Core 2020, for example, ask about that, don't just ask "how are black creature kill spells in the current Limited?"
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