[Official] Modern Forum Rules (rev 07/24/2019)

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Welcome to Modern! The Modern format is a 'Non-Rotating Constructed Format' where cards and decks don't rotate out. Everything from 8th Edition onward is legal, but no Commander/Planechase/etc... products allowed, except for 2019's exciting Modern Horizons set.

This thread contains all the rules for the Modern forum and subforums. Any rule highlighted in Red is a warnable/infractable offense. If you break it, you will get warned or infracted. You can still get warned/infracted for the other rules, but only if you are a serious and/or repeat offender.

  • All MTG Nexus rules apply
    By posting in the Modern forums, you agree you have read and understood the general MTG Nexus rules. Please review them before posting; "I didn't know that rule" is not an excuse for breaking a rule that was clearly stated.
  • All Modern forum rules and all thread-specific rules apply
    By posting in the Modern forums, you also agree you have read and understood the rules of this thread. Furthermore, you agree you have read and understood the rules of any specific thread you are posting in, whether listed in the OP or given by a moderator in the course of discussion.
  • Only discuss bans/unbans in the State of Modern thread
    Users may not post with the primary purpose of discussing, debating, making suggestions, or speculating about bans/unbans/the banlist outside of the Official "State of Modern" thread, which is stickied in Modern general. Follow all thread rules when posting there.
  • No bashing Modern/Legacy/Standard/other format/author/pro/etc. (rev 07/24/2019)
    "Bashing" is defined as severe criticism with the purposes of attacking or complaining about a subject. Format bashing includes, but is not limited to; categorically negative generalizations about the format experience, its decks, or its players; venting frustrations without evidence and/or constructive suggestions; specific hostile comments and/or verbiage directed at Modern decks/cards/elements; and many others. Constructive criticism and expressing frustration is okay, as long as users offer meaningful suggestions for improvement, reasonable arguments and evidence, and civil language that encourages discussion and counterpoints. If you use common sense and good judgment, you won't have to worry if your post crosses this line.
  • Posts may refer to non-Modern topics but must ultimately be about Modern
    It's okay to cite examples from other decks, formats, games, or topics, as long as they primarily tie back to Modern and a thread's discussion.
  • If you see someone breaking rules, REPORT IT! Don't get involved!
    Please don't backseat mod! We want to hold offenders responsible for breaking rules, not the well-intentioned poster who intervenes. If another poster is breaking a rule, use the "Report this post" button to involve moderators. Don't try to handle it yourself, especially if the offending post is targeting or baiting you.
  • Don't post decklists to Modern General
    The main Modern forum is for format-wide issues, single card discussions, questions about Modern, tournament discussion, and other broad issues. Decklists need to go in Deck Creation or Established.
  • Use the search function before posting a new thread
    Please use the search function to see if your topic already exists. Duplicate threads will be merged or closed.
  • Use deck/card tags
    When posting a list or talking about cards, please used their corresponding tags. Tags include [ card ] [/card ], [ cards ] [/cards ], and [ deck ] [/deck ] (remove spaces near brackets). This makes the conversation easier to follow, as people can now see exactly what you're talking about.
  • If you promote your own content, it must be on-topic and summarized in the thread
    We encourage users to promote their own content! You can do so either by posting in the User Content/Streams/Articles thread whenever you have an update, or by posting in an on-topic thread. If you are posting in another thread, include a summary or TLDR of your content so users can understand how it is applicable without necessarily reading/watching the entire piece.

Forum moderators

If you have questions or concerns, please message CavalryWolfPack, ktkenshinx, Torpf, Xaricore, or Ulka, or post in the Modern Forum Helpdesk.

Previewed/Spoiled Card Policy
  • During a preview/spoiler season, keep discussion of these cards in the designated "spoiler thread" in Modern General. Single card discussions for spoiled cards are NOT allowed until the whole set is released. That said, feel free to discuss any previewed/spoiled card in on-topic threads.
  • If a card is not on the Official MTG Nexus Spoiler Page, yet is believed to be in the new set, it is considered a rumor or speculation. Users may not discuss rumored and speculated cards in the Modern forum.
  • When discussing a new card, or any card really, please give your reasons for why you think that card is playable.
  • If you put a spoiled card in a decklist, please LINK to the spoiled card in our spoiler list.
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