Quick Alara-ish common cycle

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Post by void_nothing » 4 months ago

Asymmetrical multicolor! Specifically, these have "the last will be first" mana costs for their shards.

Nacatl Chase-Pride 3W
Creature - Cat Warrior (C)
{R/G}: Nacatl Chase-Pride gains haste until end of turn.
3{R/G}: Target creature blocks Nacatl Chase-Pride this turn if able.

Dawnray Sentry 2U
Creature - Human Archer (C)
{G/W}: Dawnray Sentry gains reach until end of turn.
4{G/W}: Dawnray Sentry gains indestructible until end of turn.

Vectis Vigilante 1B
Artifact Creature - Human Assassin (C)
{W/U}: Vectis Vigilante gains vigilance until end of turn.
2{W/U}: Attach target Aura or Equipment you control to Vectis Vigilante.

Vithian Nomads 3R
Creature - Human Nomad (C)
{U/B}: Vithian Nomads phases out. You lose 1 life.
3{U/B}: Vithian Nomads can't be blocked this turn.

Sludgehide Commando 2G
Creature - Goblin Ranger (C)
{B/R}: Sludgehide Commando gains first strike until end of turn.
2{B/R}: Sludgehide Commando gets +3/-1 until end of turn.
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