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Post by ktkenshinx » 5 months ago

Welcome to the State of Historic Thread!

Historically, community members have expressed interest in talking holistically about the challenges and problems facing various formats and Historic is likely no exception. Whether or not Historic has "challenges" or "problems" is up for debate, but what is clear is that people want to talk about all of these issues in one unified setting.

As such, Historic staff have created this thread from the old MTG Salvation/MTG Nexus "State of Modern" versions. You can use this thread to talk about any and all of these varied Historic issues and their intersection. This thread will be heavily moderated, so be sure to read the rules before posting;
Anyone who posts in this thread is assumed to have read and understood these rules, the Historic forum rules, and the general MTG Nexus rules.
Approved topic examples
  • Bans, unbans, and all things related to the banlist and banlist policy
  • Metagame health and diversity
  • Reprint suggestions and reprint philosophy
  • New cards and design philosophy
  • Historic wild card policy and cost
  • Archetype definitions
  • Format health, successes, and challenges
  • Anything that constructively relates to these different issues

Prohibited topic examples
  • All MTG Nexus forum rules and Historic subforum rules apply here.
  • Rules spotlight: No flaming (insulting other users) or trolling (baiting other users into a hostile response). Posts must be civil and respectful.
  • Rules spotlight: No spamming. Posts must be constructive, on-topic, and supported with evidence and argumentation.
  • No format bashing. If you don't like Historic, that's fine, but constructively/respectfully explain why and be optimistic. Do not make sweeping, negative, verbally hostile statements about the format, its decks, cards, and/or players.
  • Similarly, do not use this thread to voice grievances, complaints, and personal gripes without constructive/respectful suggestions.
  • If you see a user flaming, spamming, trolling, or breaking any other rule, report him/her instead of responding to it.

The mod team will strictly enforce these rules. Please make this a place where people are unafraid to post constructive thoughts.

Update from the October 21, 2019 B&R Announcement:
No changes

Next B&R Announcement:
November 18, 2019

Current DCI Historic Banned List
  • No cards
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Post by rickster » 4 months ago

Well < SNIP > . The whole point of this format was to appease MTG Arena players into not leaving the system as their cards are worthless after rotation. They' :sleepy: re not even trying to promote it or make it a viable format compared to other ones that don't rotate. < SNIP >

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Post by hoser2 » 2 months ago

The "official" launch period was oddly positive. It seems the introduction of Pioneer and the announcement of evolution of Arena toward Pioneer (I should add a link here) took a lot of the pressure of expectations off.
I was pleased at the cards that were added. Rather than generically powerful cards, it seems to me that they added cards to power niche archetypes. I found that both the launch event and the "Historic Bundle" were unappealing, but not negative. I have a vague recollection that there was a statement that there would be a way to win the "never-in-Arena-Standard" injected cards. The launch event costing gold and providing only card styles could be regarded as an unkept promise, but there have been so many that it didn't seem that upsetting. Without the 2:1 historic wildcard ratio retraction and the choice of cards to be injected, I judge that I can play any deck I want. So I consider the format accessible.
Here is an article presenting one view of the early pillars of the format on MTG Arena Zone. It seems to be relying on early data, but I haven't looked at the data myself, so caveat emptor. It seems like a decent overview. It seems easy to start predicting bans if the format becomes relevant, but this post is already too long.

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