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Post by pektusman » 5 months ago

2G for a 3/4 antelope? Yes, please! 3B for a 4/5 scorpion demon? Where can I sign up? There's somewhat of a slight drawback though; you have to put -1/-1 counter/s on a creature you control when these bad boys enter the battlefield (its put on them when no other creatures are in sight, so Ornery Kudu is basically a 2/3 for 2G and Soulstinger, which by the way, is the baddest a** name for a common creature, is a 2/3 for 3B, stats which aren't that eye-popping). So how can we abuse these disadvantages, you ask? Why on Servant of the Scale and on Young Wolf, of course!
Version 1.2 (older versions can be found on MtG Sally)
Current Build (09/12/2019)
So "killing" a Servant of the Scale with an Ornery Kudu nets you a 4/5 on turn 3, or a 2/2 Young Wolf and a 3/4 Ornery Kudu on the same turn. much value so wow :-o

And with War of the Spark giving us the proliferate mechanic back, I searched for additional synergies using +1/+1 counters and I came up with the Unleash ability from Return to Ravnica, with Thrill-Kill Assassin's deathtouch and Rakdos Drake's|Dragon's Maze evasion being the most notable ones. This deck is geared towards aggro so blocking is almost always going to be irrelevant. Aquastrand Spider|Dissension also helps with the counter-less proliferators (Bloom Hulk and Pollenbright Druid) by "donating" a +1/+1 counter to them before proliferating.

Wickerbough Elder|Eventide (1 main and 1 SB) is there for hitting random Journey to Nowheres|Zendikar as well as for Bogles and Affinity. Festercreep|Morningtide from the sideboard round out the creatures, ideally to bring in against tokens-based decks.

In keeping up with the theme, the deck's removal/interaction is provided by Grim Affliction; the proliferating counters of Serrated Arrows|Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana; and Cartouche of Ambition's -1/-1 counter (and life gain to boot). I'm also testing Fate Transfer as a means to punch through the last points of damage or to transfer the random -1/-1 counters to a pesky blocker. And having 30 creatures, drawing 3 to 4 is almost always a guarantee with Lead the Stampede|Mirrodin Besieged.

Having playtested a bit, the sideboard is geared up towards beating Bogles/Heroic (Innocent Blood|Odyssey, Wickerbough Elder|Eventide); Boros Bully/Elves (Festercreep|Morningtide, Nausea|Exodus); Delver (Serrated Arrows|Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana, Claws of Wirewood|Scourge); Tron (Nihil Spellbomb|Scars of Mirrodin); and Burn/Aggro (Cartouche of Ambition, Pulse of Murasa|Oath of the Gatewatch).

What do you guys think? Have I missed cards that go well with the counter theme?

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