[DD:OvH][WarCraft] Duel Decks: Orcs vs Humans

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Post by SecretInfiltrator » 1 year ago

I like sealed products that can be picked up and played straight away, so recently I have given a lot of attention to Duel Decks. A Duel Deck-series based on the Warcraft-franchise has been in the making for a while. Here I'll collect the designs in hope of advancing the existing decks to their finished state.

This first pair of Duel Decks is based specifically on Warcraft: Orcs & Humans a. k. a. Warcraft I - hence the focus will be specifically on what that game brings to the plate. If you are looking for night elves and trolls, they'll not make an appearance yet.

Duel Decks: Orcs vs Humans on magicmultiverse.net
Duel Decks: Orcs vs Humans on mtgnexus.com

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