The Great Creature Type Challenge, Day 65 - Dreadnought

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Post by void_nothing » 6 days ago

Type of the Day: Dreadnought

Over 280 creature types exist in Magic. Some of them have been more prominent than others. All of them deserve some time in the sun. That's where this daily contest thread comes in. The rules are detailed below:

To Enter:
  • Note the type for the day, which will be the creature type directly after the previous day's in alphabetical order.
  • Design a creature (or tribal) card that has the day's specified creature type. This is the only restriction - as long as you have the right typeline, you can design any card you want. You can include any other types you like, as long as you have the specified one for the day.
  • Vote for two of the other entrants from the previous day. (In the event that there are two or fewer entries that you are allowed to vote for, you may vote for only one.)

A running score tally will be kept for all players' totals throughout the length of this contest. In addition, an honor roll of the winners of each day (the champions of that day's creature type) will also be maintained in spoilered form in each day's thread. Once all the creature types have been cycled through, and voting for the final alphabetical type (presently Zubera) is done, there will be a highly prestigious overall winner as well!

Other Rules:

Just like any other daily contests, anyone is free to enter as many or as few days as they like and begin entering at any time.

The list of creature types that will be used in this contest is the Comprehensive Rules list, which includes "canon" creature types, those which are only used on tokens at this time, ones only used in Universes Beyond or D&D crossover products, and ones only used in Unfinity, the most recent acorn set. If new types are added to the Comprehensive Rules list during the run of this contest, they will be included in a thread if and only if they are alphabetically later than the current day's type.

The penalty for entering without exactly two votes for the previous day's cards will be 7 days probation, during which there will be no restrictions on continuing to enter the contest or score points. However, if a player fails to vote properly again during probation, their card will not be eligible for voting the next day.

Threads will be archived by letter: Once the first day with a type starting with B is posted, for example, all threads for types starting with A will be sent to the Contest Archives.


ApocalypseChive 159 (+1)
Ink-Treader 152 (+5)
Subject16 150 (+3)
slimytrout 148 (+1)
Henlock 132 (+1)
void_nothing 128 (+3)
netn10 103 (+4)
lookingupanddown 95
OneAndOnly 41
JovialJovian 34
kwanyeegor-ii 23
MonoRedMage 19
Wren 7
Feyd_Ruin 2

Past Champions
Advisor: slimytrout, Ink-Treader, ApocalypseChive, Henlock
Aetherborn: Ink-Treader
Alien: Ink-Treader
Ally: slimytrout
Angel: Ink-Treader
Antelope: ApocalypseChive, Henlock, Subject16
Ape: slimytrout, Subject16, netn10
Archer: Ink-Treader, Henlock, ApocalypseChive, netn10
Archon: slimytrout
Army: OneAndOnly
Artificer: slimytrout, Subject16
Assassin: Henlock, Subject16
Assembly-Worker: slimytrout
Astartes: ApocalypseChive
Atog: void_nothing
Aurochs: netn10, void_nothing, Ink-Treader
Avatar: Subject16
Azra: MonoRedMage
Badger: Subject16, OneAndOnly
Balloon: Subject16
Barbarian: Henlock
Bard: Ink-Treader
Basilisk: netn10, OneAndOnly
Bat: ApocalypseChive, Subject16
Bear: Ink-Treader, ApocalypseChive
Beast: slimytrout, Subject16
Beeble: Subject16
Beholder: void_nothing
Berserker: ApocalypseChive
Bird: kwanyeegor-ii
Blinkmoth: Subject16
Boar: void_nothing
Bringer: slimytrout
Brushwagg: JovialJovian
Camarid: JovialJovian
Camel: slimytrout, void_nothing
Caribou: Ink-Treader
Carrier: ApocalypseChive
Cat: Henlock
Centaur: void_nothing
Cephalid: ApocalypseChive, Ink-Treader, Subject16, Henlock
Child: Subject16
Chimera: Ink-Treader
Citizen: Ink-Treader
Cleric: JovialJovian
Clown: Subject16
Cockatrice: JovialJovian
Construct: Ink-Treader, Henlock
Coward: Henlock
Crab: ApocalypseChive, lookingupanddown
Crocodile: Ink-Treader
C'tan: void_nothing
Custodes: slimytrout, Henlock, netn10
Cyclops: slimytrout
Dauthi: Subject16
Demigod: ApocalypseChive
Demon: slimytrout
Deserter: ApocalypseChive
Devil: lookingupanddown
Dinosaur: void_nothing
Djinn: lookingupanddown
Dog: Subject16, lookingupanddown
Dragon: Ink-Treader
Note of the Day:

netn10 is on probation (5 days left) for voting for only one entry. They may still enter during their probation and their cards can still earn points.

Yesterday's Submissions:

(Yesterday's Type: Drake)
ApocalypseChive wrote:
1 week ago
Dragon votes: Subject16, Ink-Treader

Talrand's Familiar 3U
Creature - Drake (U)
Instant, sorcery, and other Drake spells you cast have affinity for Drakes. (They cost 1 less to cast for each Drake you control.)
Leylines in the seas and skies lead both to concentrations of mana and to prey-rich feeding grounds for the flock.
netn10 wrote:
1 week ago
Votes: Ink-Treader, void_nothing

Current Conductor 3UR
Creature - Drake (Mythic)
Instant and sorcery spells targeting Current Conductor cost 3 less to cast.
Whenever an Instant or sorcery targeting Current Conductor would deal damage to it, put that many +1/+1 counters on it instead. Then, copy that spell twice, and choose a single target for them that's not named Current Conductor.
void_nothing wrote:
1 week ago
Votes: ApocalypseChive, netn10

Öbtso Drake 1{G/U}{U/R}
Creature - Drake (C)
Flying, vigilance, hexproof, prowess
Through simple mimicry, some drakes developed adaptations and behaviors thought to be exclusive to other species.
Subject16 wrote:
1 week ago
Ink-Treader, slimytrout

Kreena, Tempest Matron 2GUR
Legendary Creature — Drake (M)
Flying, prowess
At the beginning of your end step, create X 2/2 blue Drake creature tokens, where X is the number of spells you've cast this turn.
Tap two untapped Drakes you control: Exile the top card of your library. Until the end of your next turn, you may play that card.
slimytrout wrote:
1 week ago
Ink-Treader, netn10

Dreadhorde Drake 1UR
Creature - Zombie Drake (U)
Flying, prowess
Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, amass 1. (Put a +1/+1 counter on an Army you control. If you don't control one, create a 0/0 black Zombie Army creature token first.)
Ink-Treader wrote:
6 days ago
Vote: netn10, void_nothing

Vulturous Drake UB
Creature - Drake (U)
Vulturous Drake has haste as long as an opponent has a creature card in their graveyard.
Exile a creature card from your graveyard: Vulturous Drake gains lifelink until end of turn.
kwanyeegor-ii wrote:
6 days ago
ink-treader henlock
lookingupanddown wrote:
6 days ago
Votes: netn10, Subject16

Etherium Spelldrake 2UU
Artifact Creature - Drake
Whenever you cast an artifact, instant, or sorcery spell, you may pay 1(w/b). If you do, put a +1/+1 counter on Etherium Spelldrake and it gains lifelink until end of turn.
Sacrifice Etherium Spelldrake: Counter target spell unless its controller pays X, where X is Etherium Spelldrake's power.
Henlock wrote:
6 days ago
Voidnothing, subject16

Faerie Drakeurw
Creature - Drake Faerie (r)
Haste, flying.
3: Faerie Drake deals 1 damage to any target if is spent to activate this ability. It gains protection from the color of your choice if was spent to activate this ability. Draw a card, then choose and discard a card if was spent to activate this ability.
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Post by ApocalypseChive » 6 days ago

Drake votes: slimytrout, Ink-Treader (nice ones all around though!)

Vectis Nullifier 4WU
Artifact Creature - Dreadnought (M)
Vectis Nullifier can block creatures as though they had no abilities.
Whenever Vectis Nullifier blocks a creature, that creature loses all abilities until end of turn.
3: Vectis Nullifier can block an additional creature this turn.

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Post by Subject16 » 6 days ago

lookingupanddown, slimytrout

Segovian Dreadnought 1
Artifact Creature — Dreadnought (U)
Segovian Dreadnought enters the battlefield tapped and doesn't untap during your untap step.
Tap an untapped 1/1 creature you control: Untap Segovian Dreadnought.
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Post by netn10 » 6 days ago

Votes: Subject16, void_nothing

Humanity Swallower 4WBRG
Artifact Creature - Dreadnought (Mythic)
Vigilance, trample, haste
Ward - Sacrifice third of your permanents, rounded up.
Whenever Humanity Swallower attacks or blocks, each opponent sacrifice third of their permenants, rounded up.

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Post by Henlock » 6 days ago

Slimytrout, Voidnothing

God-Pharaoh's Vessel4ub
Creature - Dreadnoght (r)
Whenever God-Pharaoh's Vessel attacks, zombies you control cannot be blocked this turn.
Whenever God-Pharaoh's Vessel deals.combat damage to a player, amass that much.

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Post by Ink-Treader » 6 days ago

Vote: ApocalypseChive, void_nothing (can a common be pushed that far in terms of that many keywords?)

Barrier Engine 8
Artifact Creature - Dreadnought (R)
Prototype 1WW 3/3
Vigilance, ward 1
Prevent all damage less than Barrier Engine's power that would be dealt to creatures or planeswalkers you control.

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Post by kwanyeegor-ii » 5 days ago

lookingupanddown slimytrout

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Post by void_nothing » 5 days ago

Votes: netn10, Henlock

Novamarines Siege Dreadnought 4WU
Artifact Creature - Astartes Dreadnought (R)
Laurel of Ultramar - As an additional cost to cast this spell, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard.
If a card is exiled with Novamarines Siege Dreadnought, it gets +0/+X and has ward X, where X is that card's toughness.
Whenever Novamarines Siege Dreadnought deals combat damage to a player, that player exiles a number of cards from the top of their library equal to Novamarines Siege Dreadnought's toughness.
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