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Post by 3drinks » 2 years ago

Hi, have you ever or do you know anyone that loves playing Magic, but either can't or straight up doesn't enjoy the deck building process? Then I've got a message for you!
3drinks here, the player both known for brewing and piloting commander decks through 60 card constructed formats as well as Personal Liaison to Kaalia of the Vast herself, and I wanna tell you about my new startup business. I am a deck doctour, I build decks for you when you don't want to, or can't come up with a list you like. Allow me to put my eidetic magic card encyclopedic memory to good use for you.

For $25, you get a personally crafted deck by me. Modern? Pioneer? Sick new commander you just know has *IT* but you can't place a finger on it? Have no fear, cause 3drinks is here!

It goes without saying that, with the numbers I'm offering, I am only constructing you a deck list, not the actual cards themselves. I am not in any way, shape, or form, getting into the secondary market. This endeavour is solely service-based.

For an extra $15, I'll put a 48hr rush on the project. And for another $10, I'll brew under whichever budget constraints you're within, no matter how tight they may be.
All I'm asking is a nominal fee for my time and research. Sound enticing? Hit me up. I'll accept payment through PayPal, once we've agreed upon terms of the service. Thank you for your time reading.

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