[Poll] How much gy removal in the main of your deck? (looting banned)

how many gy removal in the main of your modern deck?

more than three
Total votes: 13

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The Fluff
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Post by The Fluff » 11 months ago

Hi, since faithless looting is no more in modern. The other thread has now been closed. Out of curiosity, how much gy removal do people still pack in their main now that looting is gone? The choices in this poll are exactly the same as in the closed thread. However, since we are in a new environment in modern.. the votes would probably be different. :)

Have enabled that users can vote more than one poll choice. Cleaned up my modern decks, so they now have only one gy removal in the main, sometimes none at all. Voted "none" and "one".

EDIT: re-voting is also enabled, so you can always change your vote.. if ever the environment changes, and you decide to once again increase or decrease the amount of maindeck gy removal

EDIT 2: the purpose of this thread is to find out if the use of maindeck gy removal has decreased after the Hogaak and Looting ban.
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Post by MashedPotato » 11 months ago

Most of my mainboard graveyard hate comes from Kaya's Guile as an option, with a Nihil Spellbomb. With Guile, having the options is what is it for, not so much for dedicated GY hate.

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Post by robertleva » 11 months ago

Im not running any. I have faced the neutered Dredge quite a bit. Compared to Hogaak it feels slow and inconsistent. I have no issues with what they are capable of doing in Game 1 now and thus I do not feel the need to main GY hate for Dredge. Every other deck using the GY is doing so in a fair way now since Looting is banned.

tl;dr: I voted 0.
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Post by Megatog201 » 11 months ago

Beat choices are as the first reply stated in a round about way. Incidental graveyard hate is the way to go. I like playing ooze, guile, etc as an option to attack the grave if needed, but the other options are real reasons for the cards.

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Post by Bearscape » 11 months ago

I've been really liking Ashiok, Dream Render being gravehate that also disrupts a bunch of other decks. With 2 Ashiok 2 Surgical Extraction I feel pretty confident against graveyard decks.

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