Your favorite modern spells by cmc

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The Fluff
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Post by The Fluff » 7 months ago

Hi, this thread is for sharing what spells we like for each cmc. :)

You can simply list cards, or maybe give a short description why it's your favorite at that cmc.

I'll start:

cmc 0 = mox opal - used it for a long time in affinity.

cmc 1 = path to exile - still the best white removal spell

cmc 2 = Collective Brutality - useful anti burn card. Also a card that I will never sell, because the only two that I have were given by a friend last Christmas 2016.

cmc 3 = Anger of the Gods - anti-dredge card.

cmc 4 = Hieroglyphic Illumination - cannot be grabbed by inquisitiion of kozilek, and also does not trigger eidolon of the great revel. My favorite instant speed draw spell.

cmc 5 = Reality Smasher - big and brutal. Also punishes people who try to get him with targetted removal.

cmc 6 = Grave Titan - army in a can.

cmc 7 = Gurmag Angler - zombie fish is strong, Costs 7 mana, but this guy comes out so fast in the right deck. Being also bolt proof, push proof, and decay proof makes it my favorite in the cmc 7 slot.
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Post by MashedPotato » 7 months ago

0 CMC = Mishra's Bauble, such utility
1 CMC = Path to Exile, as you said, but also fancy Spell Snare
2 CMC = This is the hardest slot for me. between Collective as per your response and Thing In the Ice yet, who can forget Snapcaster. Such a difficult CMC to pick, as its almost the prime spot for decks to hit their powerful cards
3 CMC = Kolaghan's Command and Timely Reinforcements, again a tough spot for me, its a big utility spot in my decks
4 CMC = Cryptic Command, not much more to add
5 CMC = Lyra Dawnbringer, don't normally play this high up my curve, but when I do, I aim to slam this down, closes out to many games.

That's about as high as my CMC goes, otherwise its all colour plus X spells, who doesn't love smashing something for 10 at instant speed

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Post by stubb » 7 months ago

0: Force of Negation
1: Spell Pierce
2: Tarmogoyf
3: Blood Moon
4: Huntmaster of the Fells

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Titles & Recognition

Post by motleyslayer » 7 months ago

1. death's shadow
2. snapcaster mage
3. liliana of the veil
4. jace the mind sculptor
5. lyra dawnbringer
6. tasigur (who pays 6 though?)

guess what decks motleyslayer has played for a majority of his time playing modern?

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