How do you classify Bant Hoarder

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Post by Megatog201 » 11 months ago

It's a serious question I'm trying to figure out. On one hand it's a control deck. Uses counters, path, etc. Then at the same time it's a tempo deck. Uses reflector, detention, etc. But has a combo finish. Hoarder witness with timetwarp to get all the turns.

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Post by robertleva » 11 months ago

midrange-control hybrid. The combo finisher is incidental, its no combo deck.
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Post by Bearscape » 10 months ago

The five archetypes are all based on broad generalisations and don't have much real application beyond causing pointless arguments on the internet.

If you desperately need to classify soulherder in some way, explain it as a "value" deck. If you really want to use the five archetypes as a basis, use it as a radar chart, not as binary classification.

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