How should I be using the general Standard board and Proven, Established, Developing?

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Post by spacemonaut » 2 years ago

We've got this Standard discussion section, plus subsections simply named Proven, Established, and Developing. There's no description or explanation attached to the subsections and I'm confused about how to work with the division between these four spaces. I've got some questions about using this space correctly:
  • What Standard-related content should and shouldn't I post here in the general section, and what should and shouldn't I be posting in the subsections instead?
  • What is Developing for? I'm guessing WIP decks. If so, at what point is something considered Established or Proven rather than Developing?
  • What's the difference between Established and Proven? When it comes to discussing decks or strategies, I hear those used pretty much interchangeably to just mean it's a tried-and-tested member of the format: during Theros Standard you could have described Master of Waves Aggro as an established deck or as a proven deck. What should I be posting to one or the other?
  • (What's the deal with Standard and Legacy sections here both having Established and Proven subsections, but the Modern and Pauper sections missing a Proven subsection? I don't understand this.)
Thanks for your time.

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Post by Algernone25 » 2 years ago

Not a mod, just recalling what I remember from the parent site.

-Proven decks are ones that are already at the top tier of the meta, the ones you'll be seeing every week at the top8 of your Magicfests and Mythic Championships and I believe were required to have a certain meta share to be in this category. Bant Scapeshift, WB Vampires, Esper Tempo, Jund Dinosaurs, Mono-Red aggro.
-Established decks are ones that are still very good, they're basically tier 1 but don't meet the meta share requirement. You'll see these leak into top8 fairly regularly, but it'll be 1 or 2 of these decks, as opposed to 5-6 of the Proven ones. RWg Feather, Bant Ramp, or Simic Nexus.
-Developing is for decks that you're trying to build that aren't in meta, or tier 2-3 lists that you want to improve. The focus is definitely on competitive play and means to that end, but they're not lists you see the pros putting together.

I can't speak for why Modern and Pauper don't use those tags though
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