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Post by FoxOfWar » 1 year ago

As with a lot of cards... the cards aren't the problem so much as people who feel the need to frequently go for them, to combo off as fast as possible. I see no need to ban these cards, as on their own they aren't problematic. They're merely somewhat emblematic of the type of player who wants to go for fastest/most consistent win, and obviously cEDH is not everyone's cup of tea.

I wouldn't personally lose... probably a single card in my 34 decks if the suggested list got banned, but that's the kind of player I am - I already don't play open-ended tutors even when it would be obviously beneficial to me because I enjoy the randomness of my draws and games.

That said, I would certainly enjoy it if Wizards decided to print more and varied search-punishing cards, since I have a handful of players in my LGS that love to spend their time searching, turn after turn...
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Post by onering » 1 year ago

More search punishing cards would be great. I think it should be a red mechanic, as it feels very red ("stop thinking so much, hurry up and DO something!) and would open up some more design space.

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