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Post by TheAmericanSpirit » 2 months ago

So I'm putting this up more to represent the mighty brostorm on our humble forums than anything else. I've been in lock step with the official primer barring budget concerns for about 2 years now, and while I feel I can pilot the deck well, I'm not reinventing any wheels here. If you'd like to see the official primer written by better minds than me, it is here:

Anyway, here's what I'm playing:


Approximate Total Cost:

So there's a few differences between my list and the offical one. They are as follows, and should not be seen as 1:1 comparisons.
Sylvan safekeeper → Concordant Crossroads
Why: I like safekeeper and all, but a) I don't own one right now and b) Crossroads is super clutch sometimes. I like it more than most of my other deviations, and it will probably be the last card I cut as I finish out the deck.
Survival of the fittest → Sylvan Tutor
Why: I don't own one, but it's on top of my list.
Gaea's avenger → Ravaging Riftwurm
Why: I don't own one and riftwurm accomplishes the same thing 90% of the time. If dockside combo remains prevalent, I'll get one.
Force of vigor → Walking Ballista
Why: I don't own one, but I gotta respect Ballista as a nice tidy wincon. Can be awkward with the null rod stuff though.
Mox Diamond → Mana Vault
Why: So I have an opinion on this beyond "I ain't got it". Mox diamond, despite its triple digit price tag, is pound-for-pound worse than Chrome Mox in terms of smoothing out early hands. Chrome Mox goes a long way to making one-land hands attractive, whereas mox diamond does not. Mox diamond, on the other hand, doesn't do a whole lot to fix 4-5 land hands either. Mana vault will do for now, I think. If I luck into one, it's welcome to live here. I'm not holding my breath or skipping meals in the mean time.
War Room → Ghost Quarter
Why: I don't know why I don't own this already, but I'll get one soon.
Gemstone Caverns → Forest
Why: I don't yet own it
Cavern of Souls → Forest
Why: I don't yet own it

Ideally, I will complete this deck by the end of 2021 and do away with this tawdry spoiler. Fingers crossed.
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