Rubinia Soulsinger - An Intro Deck

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This deck is one that I built for my wife with the hopes of getting her into Magic and Commander. There are three goals for the deck, and every card should fulfil one of these goals:

1. Teach without being overwhelming - I want to give her (or any new player) a feel for the format and an idea of what to expect, but I don't want to overwhelm them. To this end, I tried to stick to staples and mechanics that show up a lot, and avoid the niche mechanics (sorry banding, maybe another day). I also did not include any tutors except for land tutors, since newer players tend to struggle with knowing what to tutor for. Instead, I focus on draw power to help see the cards in the deck.

2. Run as many fun cards that she would enjoy - My wife loves elephants and foxes, so you'll notice the small subtheme, as well as whimsy cards in general.

3. Give the deck room for exploration and improvement - There are plenty of weaker cards in the deck (see #2) so there is plenty of room to make cuts for better cards. Additionally, there are some learning experiences built into the deck, namely the Avacyn Restored blink cards that synergize with Rubinia to let you permanently steal creatures (Cold Storage does this as well, and teaches players about the Oracle text and rulings).




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