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Marisi: Fight Me fairly

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 5:37 pm
by Crazy Monkey
Posted for record keeping, but suggestions are welcome. Ignore that the manabase was just stolen from the precon and needs work.


1 farseek
1 cultivate
Approximate Total Cost:

The deck is intended to get enough evasive creatures so that when Marisi comes down, one can get through and goad all my opponents. The follow up is effects such as blind obedience, which force creatures that enter between my combats to be tapped and unable to block. The intention from there is to capitalize on the damage my opponents deal each other. The hatebears then prevent my opponents from doing things other than killing each other.

A side effect here is that my opponents can't attack me in most cases, so I don't need much defenses. Additionally, planeswalkers are now difficult to attack so I can use domri for card advantage and try for the emblem. Vivien is primarily here for flash, which lets me cast creatures during combats, while Marisi locks my opponents out of counter magic. Winding canyons is here for the same reason. I am not using Yeva because the majority of my creatures aren't green.

The ideal setup is to have one of the damage prevention effects (eg. mark of asylum), lightmine field, and repercussion. This forces my opponents creatures to attack into lightmine field and repercussion will deal them damage based on their creature count squared. Varchild, betrayer of kjeldor allows me to give my opponents creatures to enable this strategy.

I plan to add some tutors to better find the relevant hatebears, and crescendo of war.