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Post by SocorroTortoise » 5 months ago

I'm a long time lover of elves as a tribe. There's something super entertaining about dropping a horde of little green men and throwing it all at someone's face. This list is trying for something in the spirit of legacy Elves!, which is a combo deck disguised as a creature deck. The goal is less accumulated creature value, more explosive combo turn where you draw your deck and kill the table. It's also very much a removal check deck. If the table can remove Marwyn, the primary mana producer/big creature is gone, which hampers your ability to really go off. It's still possible, just much more draw dependent.


1 Marwyn, the Nurturer
Approximate Total Cost:

There are some notable omissions, specifically Green Sun's Zenith and Craterhoof Behemoth. Those are both meta calls as is Sol Ring, though that one is much less useful here with elves' usual mana production.

Just like the legacy deck, this is an engine combo deck. The goal is to get one or more effects drawing cards on creature casts, then use untap effects and Marwyn's ridiculous mana production potential to churn through the deck and play out a bunch of elves. If not disrupted, it can draw the deck and kill the table as early as turn 4 through a variety of paths. It's by no means a competitive deck thanks to being so reliant on a handful of easily removed creatures but will definitely punish a table that stumbles in the early turns.

This deck rewards aggressive mulliganing. Hands with a 1-drop mana dork and 2+ lands are ideal, so you can drop Marwyn T3 and either go off T3 (uncommon) or set up for an explosive T4. Hands with more lands and a couple elves are slower, but still playable. T3 Marwyn isn't ideal, but following up with a T4 lord, Immaculate Magistrate, or Timberwatch Elf can still explode T5 effectively. Win con is elves and overruns, with occasional dips into wolf tokens and overruns. Squall Line gives a noncombat win, either as reach after a swing or in conjunction with Wellwisher
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