Three Colour Balan AKA Syr Gwyn's Armory

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Hey everyone,

So, starting off with a bit about myself, I adore equipment. They're by far my favorite card type and it's always frustrated me that they've historically been quite awful in EDH with certain exceptions. When Syr Gwyn came out, I decided that I might be able to finally do something by converting the raw power lacking in W/R into raw consistency with Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor.


1 Sigarda's Aid
1 Land Tax
1 Smothering Tithe
Approximate Total Cost:

So, as it may be evident, I focused really hard on trying to pick the best cards from each colours. The equipment I've chosen are the cards that I find to be the absolute best in my combo-heavy meta.

I've attempted to come up with a good mix of interaction of various types in order to try to keep the other decks in like.

The creatures I've chosen all try to focus on moving forwards our equipment game plan as much as possible, I've used a lot of the most powerful knights but that's more just a secondary benefit, I'd be playing Hero of Bladehold anyways.

I'm really looking for some input from you guys, let me know what you'd change and why. I'm super passionate about this deck and really intend of playing it and making it as good as possible.

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