Happily Ever After

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Post by Lord_Mektar » 2 years ago

Approximate Total Cost:

EDIT: Updated the list

Happily Ever After, at the low cost of three mana, is one of the fastest alternate win conditions they've printed in a while. Sure, it has three major requirements, but they aren't that difficult to fill with the modern card pool and a bit of know-how. First up: color. The enchantment itself is already white, so I focused on the other four. Scuttlemutt does the job by itself, so that plus Unearth fills that requirement. The Flayer and Commune with the Gods both help fill the graveyard quickly for the card type requirement, along with Ashiok, and so does Discovery, which conveniently counts as both a sorcery and an instant once binned. Regrowth can get back any needed piece while also being another sorcery.

The manabase is very slow, but fetches and shocks lower your life total, so we make do without and turn this into a wallet-friendly list at the same time. Plus Jungle Hollow and co. provide some incidental gains, along with the Spellbomb, which is another artifact to diversify cardtypes. Again, Happily Ever After is itself an enchantment, so running more isn't necessary. Oh, and Fatal Push is just a good card, besides helping pad our life total.

Since every single card in the main is critical for the combo, I made a transformative sideboard to convert the deck, fairly easily, into a Delirium shell. Just swap out the Scuttlemutts, three Regrowths, Spellbombs, and Happily Ever Afters and throw all 15 sideboard cards in at once. Sure, you'll still lose to graveyard hate either way, but hitting people with creatures always works, and needing a specific card to stay on board to win frequently doesn't.
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Post by unicornturtle2000 » 2 years ago

Scrapbasket is a great add to this deck

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