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Post by Sniffnoy » 2 months ago

Previewed here:

How odd -- we've seen several enemy hate cards, now an *ally* hate card...?

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Post by Krishnath » 2 months ago

Ally hate cards do happen from time to time, but it is rare. The last I can recall off hand were in Scars. We got a couple of knights with protection from an ally and an enemy color, and a couple of creatures with landwalk of the basic land type of an allied color. They were nothing special, and if the knights hadn't been really strong regardless (white had double strike, black one hand first strike *and* infect), they wouldn't have been played much outside of limited.

This is a so called "safety valve" card. If a particular card gets to powerful in a format, they make a card that is a good counter to it. In this case the offending card is Lovestruck Beast
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Post by Mookie » 2 months ago

We've also seen Ray of Frost in the set - there may be a mixed cycle of ally / enemy hate cards. Definitely a bit on the odd side. I will note that these are still useful against decks that aren't the right colors, unlike Celestial Purge and many other hate cards - I assume that's because cards that only target a single color are otherwise too narrow.

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