Announcement: Unofficial Spoilers are now Opt-In

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Post by wildfire393 » 11 months ago

We have made the decision to hide all Unofficial Spoilers (aka "Leaks") from users who do not opt into seeing them. This will allow the userbase to freely browse the forums without risking stumbling onto unofficial spoilers if they do not want to see them.

What does this entail? Two things:

1) There is a "Leak" tag that should be used in any post discussing unofficial spoilers outside of the Unofficial Spoilers subforum. The leak tag looks as follows:
[leak]This is a leak[/leak]
Will render as:
Unofficial Spoiler Discussion
This is a leak
If you have not yet opted into the See Unofficial Spoilers group, this tag will be collapsed, and you can expand it by clicking "Show Once". You can opt into the group by clicking the "Always Show" button. Once you are opted in, leak tags will be expanded by default, and there will be a "Hide Unofficial Spoilers" button on the bottom right. Clicking that button will opt you out of the group and go back to collapsing the tags by default.

2) There is an Unofficial Spoilers subforum of Previews. This forum is only visible to members who have opted in to the See Unofficial Spoilers group.

All discussion of unofficial spoilers and leaks within the Previews Forum should be kept within the Unofficial Spoilers subforum. But given the new opt-in nature, there is no longer a requirement to obfuscate the content of the leaks from thread titles.

All discussion of unofficial spoilers and leaks in other forums should use the leak tag.

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