Pioneer Ban List Announcement 12/2/19

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Titles & Recognition

Post by void_nothing » 8 months ago

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Titles & Recognition

Post by ISBPathfinder » 8 months ago

So, coming from someone who hasn't played or really payed a lot of attention to Pioneer, I am happy with the fact that they are letting cards prove themselves to be a problem rather than starting with a list of cards banned and unproven. I am happy with how fast they are figuring this format out and maybe some day I will look into play it myself.

From the outside, this looks positive that they are quickly figuring things out. No idea how annoying it is for people playing the format though.
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Post by Pip_Maxwell » 8 months ago

Also nice is that they do the updates on a more timely basis. Instead of the once per month clause, previously once per two months.

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