Magicfest 2020 - borderless textless path to exile

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Post by CommanderMaster999 » 8 months ago

Oh my goodness that is probably the most amazing path to exile art I have ever seen

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Post by Pip_Maxwell » 8 months ago

Playmat to go with it


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Post by Serenade » 8 months ago

This is good. Guay's still best!
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Post by clariwench » 8 months ago

I think the FNM promo is my favorite, but this one is definitely going in Grand Arbiter! It's too pretty to just sit in my promo binder.
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Post by RxPhantom » 8 months ago

So is the angel being turned into stained glass or what?
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Post by hyalopterouslemur » 8 months ago

RxPhantom wrote:
8 months ago
So is the angel being turned into stained glass or what?
The image I got was shattered. Which has been used for angels being "terminated" in the past.
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