[ELD] Thrill of Possibility (Adventure Club preview)

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Post by Marquis » 5 months ago

Flavour fail. they should have gotten an adventure card


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Post by Courier7 » 4 months ago

An improvement over Tormenting Voice. At the very least, it definitely activates all those "when you draw your second card" cards we have seen recently.

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The Fluff
is this so?
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Post by The Fluff » 4 months ago

instant speed now. Certainly an improvement. must get a playset..
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Post by Sojourner Dusk » 4 months ago

We've gone from a Sorcery, to a Sorcery, to this (just ignore the banned, colorshifted elephant in this group). Maybe now it'll be considered playable.
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Post by The N82O Molecule » 4 months ago

this card. . .for some reason, has my rakdos all in a tizzy

is it the end of your turn madness trigger?

is it that its an instant?

well this card, I like it, and the art is on point and will probably look good as a foil

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Post by Serenade » 4 months ago

Carah also just seems cool.
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