[ELD] 3 Adventure Cards plus 1 from Twitch stream

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Post by Marquis » 10 months ago


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Post by Courier7 » 10 months ago

The Rimrock Knight and Merfolk Secretkeeper seem decent enough, especially for Limited. The "can't block" isn't great but with knights you are probably going for the throat, anyway, and a 0/4 body is above average stats for a 1-cmc common.

edit/add: ah...the low-hanging fruit. Turn one Venture Deeper, turn two Swamp then pass the turn with Drown in the Loch in hand.
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Post by RedCheese » 10 months ago

The merfolk will see play in mill decks for sure

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Post by Legend » 10 months ago

Mill just got real in limited. These are some nice limited commons.
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Post by The N82O Molecule » 10 months ago

merfolk secretkeeper is the next generation hedron crab and im for it

this card really helps with the ground game defense, it maintains strategy (milling cards)

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