[ELD] W/B hybrid uncommon (ghdlr75 and Mothership)

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Titles & Recognition

Post by Rumpy5897 » 4 months ago

Revealed on stream, then in the Mothership article.
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Titles & Recognition

Post by void_nothing » 4 months ago

Curving into both abilities for the first attack? Whew. Strong strong strong strong strong stuff in Limited.

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Post by Courier7 » 4 months ago

Excellent target for Shining Armor. I would never be unhappy seeing one of these in pack 1.

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Post by Lucifer, Sapere Aude » 4 months ago

Damn it. Just make this a rare/mythic and with both keywords without any additional costs. Sorry but despite the nice art this won't make the cut in my Knight deck.

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