Buying 2 booster boxes for some easy "kitchen counter" deck-building fun games - what do you recommend?

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Post by snowman1235 » 8 months ago

We recently started playing magic with our kids... bought the MTG Game night set and a few Throne of Eldraine boosters. Loving it. We bought the Commander Anthology II set for some more serious commander playing and thinking about buying also the Commander Anthology I set.

The kids want to learn more about deck-building and we're thinking of buying a couple of booster boxes and running some fun kitchen-counter "draft" evenings to learn how to draft, construct a basic deck and play.

HOWEVER, I'd like to buy 2 booster boxes from different sets for some variety in the cards and I would ideally like them eventually to be as useful as possible in future gameplay - i.e. to strengthen some of the commander decks and have more variety.

What booster boxes would you recommend I should go with as priority 1 and 2?

Many thanks!!!

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Post by void_nothing » 8 months ago

I can't recommend War of the Spark enough for general purposes, any format really. It was/is a great set.
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Post by snowman1235 » 8 months ago

Many thanks! :)
How would you compare War of the Spark vs Throne of Eldraine in playability? ...I don't care particularly about "competitive format" - ie what is tournament legal for which standard and what will rotate out when, just casual play.

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Post by The N82O Molecule » 8 months ago

this is super awesome. let the record state. parents embracing time with their kids.

my first and always outlook on mtg is never look backwards. the sets and cards and action and everything is completely overwhelming.

I would agree with [mention]void_nothing[/mention] with war of the spark if only for the planes walker density. (also everything he said of course)
um, Eldraine has some of the most powerful commons and uncommons printed (fairy godmother)
the recent core set was pretty good too, but I would wait for the next one.

recent they have been powering up common and uncommon for limited and pauper while the rares have been getting a little more "eccentric" (I can obviously be trolled on this) some rares are obviously printed with purpose

im not going to say much on rav, you need multi color look no other place. otherwise don't look there for what you want.

ixalan was pretty awesome. dinosaurs and pirates was pretty cool.

dominaria only really hit cause its straight throwback. so in youth I don't think that it will hit much (as in who is jhoira)

how far back? hahaha rabbit hole

if you have a million dollars I would suggest anything Urza, mirrodin, or time spiral.

but honestly, with what the future printing of cards looks like, I would forget looking back. there is nothing that a edh printing or a brawl deck or just the next set. the next set will probably be super cool with enchantment themes and then to large creatures via ikoria

each set has its cards, and I think what you might be asking is whats the best bang. and with pack lottery id say there isn't one haha.

two thumbs up

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