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Post by motleyslayer » 10 months ago

I really like Katanas, I tried some over the weekend and they shuffle great

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Post by Creighton » 6 months ago

I've been using Dragon Shield Mattes for sleeving all my cards. I love the variety in colors and how they feel to shuffle. Recently I've begun double-sleeving all my cards. I tried some top-loader inner sleeves from Ultra Pro, Dragon Shield, and some other random brand I found at my local store and I can't say I've enjoyed the experience. I have, however, found I really like Dragon Shield's Sealable Inner Sleeves. They let me DS my cards in my library w/o using one of my Dragon Shield Matte's and they go into the matte's waaaaay easier than the normal inners from Dragon Shield.

I have run into a problem, though. Now I cannot fit my EDH decks into their 100+ DB rated deck containers. I'd really like to keep this method. Anyone know of any deck containers that could work with this? Maybe something that is for like 150 - 200 SS cards. I don't mind if its bulky or awkwardly shaped, so long as it fits my "2.5" sleeved cards.

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Post by WizardMN » 6 months ago


h easiest answer is don't use Dragon Shields. I like Dragon Shields too but even "normal" Inner sleeves (not to mention the Sealables) won't fit in a lot of deckboxes.

Ultra Pro Satin Tower might fit. When I was using the normal inner sleeves with Dragon Shields, the Legion Deck Vault V2 was awesome. I can't guarantee the deck will fit (and I don't want to sleeve a deck just to check) but that was the best I found for double sleeved decks in Dragon Shields.

Or, just get a custom box from Aaron Cain and ask him to make it slightly larger than normal.

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