Throne of Eldraine- what each card represent

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Post by DrFunkenstein » 6 months ago

So most of what we have previewed is quite obvious, we have the classic faerie tale antagonists, like the Giant Jack slayed, trolls under bridges and wicked step mothers. We also have the heroes, such Goldilocks, Robin Hood and the Beast (who loved Belle). But some are not quite obvious.

I want to discuss two things here:

1) What are some of the not so obvious parallels? For example, which knight in Eldraine represents which knight in particular (each knight had their own personality and style) from Arthurian lore.

2) Color shifts that make sense in its color, but is different from what have viewed them as, such Robin Hood traditionally wore green and lived in the forest with his Merry Men, so we associate green with Robin. Any other card make a color shift you weren't expecting? I am intrigued with Cinderella's Glass Slippers being white as they they are elegant and used for good, but they are also helped her run away quickly. Also Robinhood, but I gave that example already.

Will we get a legend that represents the Sheriff of Nottingham? I am expecting the Sheriff to be multicolored, black and white. But I will not be surprised to see him in white, as white can view laws of taxation as acceptable.

Some stories of old have just a few main stories, so representing them would be simple, but for deeper stories like Arthur and his Knights or Robin Hood, a lot of characters are there. I think the tricky part here is balancing out all of the stories. I really hope this isn't a one-of set. Hope it becomes a block. Would really dig (if they are not already in this set) Little Bo Peep, Snow White w/ her 7 dwarven boyfriends, and Rumpelstiltskin. I would venture that the influences will go beyond Grimm's Fairy Tales. But wonder how contemporary Eldraine will go? Wizard of Oz? Alice in Wonderland? I just do not want it to a be a M:tG regurgitation of "Once Upon a Time" by Disney.
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Post by user_938036 » 6 months ago

A few quick things that are known but apparently aren't well known.

This is a one of set. While a return is possible it is likely at minimum three years away. They work on sets two year's in advance and they would want to see what was popular and what wasn't before working on a return.

We aren't getting 1 to 1 parallels for the knights of the round table. Instead the knights of Eldrine simply play into tropes, so you can single out a Knight that is a particular trope but they weren't designed as that knight but rather that trope.

We already got the 7 dwarfs. It is a single card you can play exactly 7 of in your deck.

Rumpelstiltskin is a legendary faerie they spoiled very early.

Don't expect any specific princess as they simply wanted the trope and didn't want a plethora of princess cards.

Don't expect anything outside of Grimm or Hans. They are specifically not doing fables and new stuff like Alice and Oz aren't 100% in public domain so they avoided them 100% to mine at a later date on a different plane.

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