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Enjoyed making the last Un-cards so much I came up with a few designs that aren't commanders so I wanted to post em. I think there's enough ideas here to make a full set. First some world building cards.

Baneslayer Chicken WW
Creature - Angel Bird Warrior Noble
Strutting (If this creature would become blocked, roll a six-sided die. If the result is even, that creature can't block this creature this turn instead.)
Half-Strike (This creature deals half its combat damage during the half-strike and second half-strike step, rounded up to the nearest tenth.) Decimallink (Damage dealt by this creature in decimal values also causes you to gain that decimal value in life, rounded up to the nearest tenth.)
Protection from Rats and Dogs. (Hounds are dogs.)
"She started the Tolarian County Fair just so she could win it every year."
Jimson Herb — Golgari Beeble Farmer

Spirit of R&D 1UU
Creature - Ass Designer Spirit
Reveal a card you own from outside the game with the same name as a permanent on the battlefield but a functionally different printing: You may treat each card with the same name as the revealed card as though it were either version for the rest of the game, at any time. Activate this ability only once per card you own with a unique English name and a functionally different printing.

Deskeletonize 1B
Destroy any number of target creatures that have a skeleton in their art.
Creatures that have a skeleton in their art can't leave graveyards this turn.
Confuse (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand and ignore any sentence on it.)
"Thank goodness you didn't push the Resketelonize button. Did you?"
Digamous Birkenstock, Izzet Chimneysweep, recovered transcript
Reskeletonize 1B
Return any number of target creature cards from your graveyard that have a skeleton in their art to your hand.
Creatures that have a skeleton in their art can't be destroyed this turn.
Confuse (You may cast one or both halves of this card from your hand and ignore any sentence on it.)
"I never noticed that skeleton there before."
Digamous Birkenstock, Izzet Chimneysweep, last words.

MaRo if you're reading this, I ate your sandwich. B
Eat target noncard food target player controls.

Nowhere Fast XR
The next time this game a spell or ability you control causes you to roll, flip, vote, choose, or target, repeat your rolls, flips, votes, choices, or targets an additional X times and add these rolls, flips, votes, choices or targets to those rolls, flips, votes, choices or targets. (For example, Pithing Needle instructs you to choose a card name. If X=5, you'd choose six cards names for its effect. It's still one effect.)

...period! R
As an additional cost to cast ...period!, discard a card.
...period! deals X damage, divided randomly, among a random number of target creatures, where X is equal to the total number of punctuation on the discarded card.
"If I hear one more peep outta you brood, I'm crashing this zeppelin into the next mountain. None of us will get to see Karonaworld. Grok, stop touching Shrok! That's it." — Auntie Ante, revered broodmother, last words

Even Greater Good GG
If you would vote, instead you vote twice. An opponent chooses your votes.
"It appears to be a tie with 2189% reporting, so it goes to a run-off between Urza's Head and Storm Crow. Nobody would have predicted this." — Fuzzgum Rumpelsby, Ozhov Senior Political Disenfranchiser

??? ?
??? — ???
"???" — ???
Artist: ??? ???/???
(That's a card with question marks for name, cost, type, text, flavor text, p/t, art, artist, and collectors number. It will only appear sometimes replacing a land, don't worry.)

Gleemax's Master Plan 99.9
Legendary Enchantment
Remove all decimal points from all cards everywhere, forever. (Forever is until the game ends. Treat them as though they never existed. A period is not a decimal point.)
"I will eliminate 5 of all life in the universe!"

World's Greatest Magic Player WWUUBBRRGG
Instant - Win
If you cast this spell from your hand, you lose the game and win the next game in the match. (If you haven't lost the match already.)
"I got this."

Cheat Codes 4
Legendary Artifact
Spells you cast with a subtype or keyword that has no rules meaning cost WUBRG less to cast. This can't reduce a spell's cost to less than one mana.
"Armor of thorns just got broken wide open."

Huey, Dewey, and Louie Decimal 3URG
Legendary Creature - Bird Brother Noble
Once during each turn, you may move all instances of decimal points on a card that's visible to all players, one number over, either left or right, until end of turn.

Vote or Die <Null>
If the game has been played for over 90 minutes, you may cast Vote or Die without paying its mana cost. If Vote or Die would be cast any other way, instead it isn't.
Starting with you, in clockwise order, each player votes for live or die. If live wins, each player's life total becomes equal to the highest life total among players times two. I'd die wins, each players life total becomes equal the highest life total among players times negative two. If the votes are tied, a random player loses the game and another random player shuffles this card into their library. Exile this card as it resolves if it wasn't shuffled into a player's library.

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