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Titles & Recognition

Post by hoser2 » 8 months ago

Martin Juza proposed a version built around Drakuseth in this article. It might have been good for a hot minute in July, but it struggles against control. Still somewhat effective and pretty fun, It's been easily good enough for me to grind up to Gold on Arena.

Juza's original lists:

I've been playing around with the Sultai version, partly because Tamiyo just does everything I want. For me, it has evolved to this (although some of the manabase changes are due to card availability on Arena):
Kyler Star (ratsrelyk7, a streamer I follow a bit), has been grinding the following list featuring Agent of Treachery at Arena Mythic recently:

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The Fluff
is this so?
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Titles & Recognition

Post by The Fluff » 7 months ago

not much to say, except all lists look solid. I currently don't play standard, but it still feels nice to look at the new deck designs. :)
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