Downfall of the Hydra Prince // Helldrax, the Last Cryptid


Legendary Enchantment — Saga

: (As this saga enters and after your draw step, add a lore counter. Sacrifice after V.)

I: each player draws a card.

II: destroy target creature.

III: draw 3 cards.

IV: destroy up to 4 target creatures.

V: transform Downfall of the Hydra Prince.

Helldrax, the Last Cryptid
Legendary Planeswalker — Helldrax

+5: destroy up to 3 target creatures or planeswalkers.

-6: exile the top 5 cards of target opponent's deck, they lose 2 life.

-9: exile up to 5 target creatures or planeswalkers, you gain 5 life.

-18: draw 4 cards, all oppponents exile the top 15 cards of their library and lose 20 life, you gain 20 life and create a 9/9 Mammoth Hellbringer token with hexproof and protection from creatures.

Loyalty: 8
this is over powered
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