Rhystic — At the beginning of your upkeep, Arson deals 2 damage to each player unless any player pays {2}.

"Thier world aflame, the night aglow from embers shining. That is what I dream."

— Esha, Bringer of Ash

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Storyline Spotlight

Arson represents Esha's first major attack on Aetoria, with the burning of Oria. This event marks the beginning of all out war between the Shaiel and Aetoria. While there had already been many clashes between the two before, each side was content with pretending they were isolated incidents. War always appeared to be looming on the horizon, but there were many voices, on both sides, contending for peace and patience. With the burning of Oria, however, these voices were silenced and even the most tempered hearts in Aetoria cried out for vengeance
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