Masters Edition III

230 Card Reprint Set
Release Date: Sep 07th 2009
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Card NameCostTypeStatsPriceWeekMonth
Akron LegionnaireCreature 8/4$0.00
Alabaster PotionInstant$0.00
Amrou KithkinCreature 1/1$0.00
Call to ArmsEnchantment$0.00
D'Avenant ArcherCreature 1/2$0.00
Divine InterventionEnchantment$0.00
Eightfold MazeInstant$0.00
ExorcistCreature 1/1$0.00
False DefeatSorcery$0.00
Guan Yu, Sainted WarriorLegendary Creature 3/5$0.00
Guan Yu's 1,000-Li MarchSorcery$0.00
Ivory GuardiansCreature 3/3$0.00
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"Legendary Creature 2/2$0.00
Land TaxEnchantment$0.00
Lightning BlowInstant$0.00
Liu Bei, Lord of ShuLegendary Creature 2/4$0.00
Loyal RetainersCreature 1/1$0.00
Misfortune's GainSorcery$0.00
Peach Garden OathSorcery$0.00
Shu CavalryCreature 2/2$0.00
Shu Elite CompanionsCreature 3/3$0.00
Shu GeneralCreature 2/2$0.00
Shu Soldier-FarmersCreature 2/4$0.00
Wall of LightCreature 1/5$0.00
Zhang Fei, Fierce WarriorLegendary Creature 4/4$0.00
Benthic ExplorersCreature 2/4$0.00
Borrowing 100,000 ArrowsSorcery$0.00
Brilliant PlanSorcery$0.00
Capture of JingzhouSorcery$0.00
Dance of ManyEnchantment$0.00
Flash FloodInstant$0.00
Force SpikeInstant$0.00
Forced RetreatSorcery$0.00
Labyrinth MinotaurCreature 1/4$0.00
Land EquilibriumEnchantment$0.00
Lu Meng, Wu GeneralLegendary Creature 4/4$0.00
Lu Xun, Scholar GeneralLegendary Creature 1/3$0.00
Mana DrainInstant$0.00
Mana VortexEnchantment$0.00
Old Man of the SeaCreature 2/3$0.00
Remove SoulInstant$0.00
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 230.