Alchemy: The Brothers' War

30 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Dec 13th 2022
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By Elspeth's Command
Norn's Disassembly
Tawnos Endures
Hurkyl's Prodigy
Piece It Together
Lonely End
Penregon Besieged
Fallaji Antiquarian
Kayla's Kindling
Melt Through
Tomakul Phoenix
Argothian Uprooting
Foundry Groundbreaker
Legion of Clay
Sylvan Smite
Argivian Welcome
Assemble the Team
Crucias, Titan of the Waves
Great Desert Hellion
Jarsyl, Dark Age Scion
Perilous Iteration
Raddic, Tal Zealot
Richlau, Headmaster
Rusko, Clockmaker
Yotian Courier
Forgefire Automaton
Gixian Recycler
Patchplate Resolute
Urza's Construction Drone
Warzone Duplicator
Showing cards 1 - 30 of 30.