New Features Update

Today we're pleased to announce the release of several new areas and features. It's been a while since our last major site update, but with good reason: we've been hard at work for months on some of these major releases!

The Magic Art Gallery


Although Magic is a game first and foremost, it is the lore and composition of the mythos that creates the landscape for full immersion. Nothing does this better then the art we find on each and every card. You don't have to be a Vorthos to appreciate the awesome artwork that brings our cards to life. Some of our favorite cards have truly otherworldly art on them, and we all have our favorite card art.

The Magic Art Gallery celebrates the wonderful and spellbinding art that we've all come to appreciate and love. We've gathered high resolution Magic art from all across the web to build one massive art gallery. Our gallery launches with over 4,000 entries, and we will be adding to it constantly.

I would like to give a personal thank you to The Fluff, who is responsible for adding the vast majority of our art to the database. We wouldn't have been able to launch such a large gallery without him.


Custom Cards and Card & Set Creator


We've all thought up a wonderful new card design that we'd love to see printed one day. Many of us take it a step further, and create whole clusters, cycles, and even sets. If you're even a casual browser of our custom cards forum, you know the great lengths some people go through to plan, execute, and create wonderful new visions.

Today we're releasing a new tool to help our visionaries better create and display their grand creations: the Card & Set Creator. We've striven to have a feature-rich tool that offers everything a designer needs to create and manage their creations. From card and set management, to lore and behind-the-scenes postings, you can immerse others into the world you have created. Our initial release is still only beta, however, as we continue to work on adding new features, card layouts, and anything else our creators may need.

In tandem with the creator is, of course, the Custom Cards & Sets Studio where you can browse the wonderful creations of others. Plunge yourself into new worlds and creations, add the most gripping cards to your favorites, and explore the creations of others.

The MTGNexus Shop


It's been a dream of many of ours to open a small shop that celebrates magic with apparel, playmats, and other merchandise since before 'Nexus existed. Today we've finally made that happen, with our MTGNexus Shop, powered by Threadless and Inked Gaming. Both offer high quality products with excellent customer service records.

Designs by our friends who've graciously donated their creations to help support us split the proceeds with us, and all of our proceeds go directly back into the site. We are committed to maintaining an ad-light experience, and by supporting us you can help the site continue on and keep all the annoying ads at bay.

Minor Additions

The [Leak] Tag

We've recently seen one of the largest set leaks ever witnessed, with most of Commander: Legends being spoiled across the web long before its previews started. MTGNexus stands firmly against these kinds of leaks, but we also understand that discussions are inevitable when leaks of this caliber happen. While many want to discuss these cards, others want to avoid these discussions as much as they possibly can.

The [leak] tag is our answer to that. They operate similar to the familiar [spoiler] tags, but with more control and clarity. They continue to allow others to avoid seeing the content within, and picking-and-choosing individual posts they want to see. Additionally, they provide a clear indication that the hidden content is specific to unofficial spoilers, as well as offering users the option to opt into always seeing them.

Wizards has graciously supported the entire fandom community by giving out previews to even the smallest of streamers, and leaks like this hurt our community. We hope the [leak] tag doesn't have to become useful again in the future, but it is there if and when it is needed.

Quick Card Lookup

There's over 20,000 unique card names in Magic, and no one can be expected to know them all. The Quick Card Lookup lets you see any card quickly from any page on our site. Just hit the ≡ menu at the top left of any page, and you can type a card name into the Quick Card Lookup input to get a no-nonsense view of the card with relevant links for more. No more additional tabs needed to remember what a card does in any discussion!


This has been the craziest year, and it has, admittedly, put us behind schedule, but we will never stop working to add new features and improve MTGNexus to better serve the community. We have many more features and areas planned, so we hope you enjoy your stay here as we continue to grow. Thank you to the whole community, who is the inspiration that drives us to create.

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nice, things are finally moving.
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thanks to Feyd_Ruin for all the effort in this.
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Awesome stuff!
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incredible! very good work, thank you!
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The shirts are amazing fyi for everyone. I have 2 of them currently and they are super comfy.
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the shirts indeed look nice.
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This is the best MtG community on the internet, and it just keeps getting better. Good job everyone! And thank you!
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fnord VISIT CCC fnord
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Custom Card Sets on my site that I only use as Messaging Board? Just as I finished updating my off-site alternative on

I'll check out this feature. Maybe I'll ask for more soon. : )

Great job already! You make me want to visit the shop just to support this operation.

EDIT: Oh, no! A bug! : ( Where do I report that I cannot edit my own card cycles?
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SecretInfiltrator wrote:
6 months ago
EDIT: Oh, no! A bug! : ( Where do I report that I cannot edit my own card cycles?
Bug fixed. >_<
Feel free to add feedback, bugs, requests, etc, here: Bugs & Feedback for Custom Card & Set Creator
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