Collection Tracker - Open Beta Released

We've now released the Collection Tracker for open beta!

The Magic: The Gathering Collection Tracker is an online card collection system designed for you to quickly and easily manage and track all of your Magic cards. The system uses a simple Haves/Wants breakdown so that you can easily keep track of what cards you own, what cards you need, and what cards are extra and fit for sale.

The Collection Tracker is integrated with our card database, so that all various printings and versions are available. Haves and wants are controllable not only per printing, but can be also managed, individually, across regular, foil, arena, mtgo, and mtgo foil versions. Pricing is tracked for each separately, whenever available, and binder alerts will let you know when a card has hit it's peak high or low for the month.

It should shock no one who knows me that my black binder is more than twice as thick as any other.

Not only can you browse your collection by set, but your collection is also broken down into virtual binders, so that you can more easily peruse and search your collection.

All this said, the Collection Tracker is only an open beta that lays the groundwork for what it will grow to become. There are a myriad of additional features planned to be added, such as custom binders and card-specific price alerts, but we need to ensure the basis for the system is solid before we expand it.

As such, we are specifically asking for feedback from anyone trying the system. From bugs you've found to questions you need answered; from hassles we should fix to features you think we should add; the system is being designed for the community and we need guidance on how to make it a system you want to use.

So hope on over to the Collection Tracker, give it a whirl putting your cards in, and tell us what you think!

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Right off the bat, being able to make custom binders would be good. I collect Angels, and with the current options just being by color doesn't work the best for that.

And maybe an option for one overall folder per different (multi)color? Have it descend in rarity from mythic to uncommon. My two first thoughts on the beta.

Seems really promising overall though :)
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thanks for all the good work on things like this! A button in the set view to omit cards that aren't in your wants would be useful for creating a want list!
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