Weekly Random Brew #4: Ray of Revelation

In this series, I discuss the deckbuilding process while building casual 60-card decklists based on cards chosen by Scryfall's Random Card function. This is intended as a creative exercise, to give new players a sense of how deckbuilding works while giving more experienced players examples of the kinds of brewing challenges they might encounter in Limited formats. The decks in this series will not be optimized for competitive play, especially when the random seed is not an especially powerful card. My goal is to use the properties of those seeds to make interesting decks.

This week's seed is the Dark Ascension printing of Ray of Revelation.

Card Features

Ray of Revelation is a common white instant with a green flashback cost. This particular printing is from Innistrad block, which is known for its ally-colored tribal factions. The green and white faction was Humans, so I'm going to make an Innistrad Human Tribal deck, and include both cards from Innistrad block and Shadows Over Innistrad block to make a Plane Constructed deck.

Choosing Creatures

The two Innistrad blocks together have plenty of Human creatures that make other humans stronger. Thalia's Lieutenant is among the most powerful of these, but I'm also excited about Champion of the Parish and Heron's Grace Champion. The top end of your curve could be an angel, like Angelic Overseer, but for this brew I'm going to stick with all humans so that the tribal effects are even stronger. This will lower my curve, and I'm going to have to choose my noncreature spells with that in mind.

Choosing Noncreature Spells

Aside from Ray of Revelation, all my noncreature spells will support the Human tribal theme. Bladed Bracers gives my Humans vigilance; you might want to switch some of them out for Butcher's Cleaver as insurance against games running long. Hope Against Hope buffs one creature based on the number of creatures you control, and Ulvenwald Mysteries feeds both Hope Against Hope and Thalia's Lieutenant by making Human tokens. Repel the Abominable will help you protect your creatures while making sure your damage gets through.

Choosing Lands

To fit the Plane Constructed theme, I'm going to stick with lands printed in either Innistrad block or Shadows Over Innistrad block. Fortified Village is my only two-color option, and Gavony Township can help strengthen my humans. I've also thrown in a few copies of Westvale Abbey, since that's my favorite land from Shadows block and I can easily transform it if I don't have quite enough Humans to win with. You may want to replace these with more basic lands if you're concerned about getting colored mana early on, but I'm awarding you bonus points if you transform Hanweir Militia Captain into Westvale Cult Leader and then sacrifice it to transform Westvale Abbey.

Another Option: Pauper Flashback

Another interesting feature of Ray of Revelation is its flashback cost. I'm going to put together a Pauper deck (since Ray of Revelation is common) featuring some other cards with flashback that I think are interesting: Chatter of the Squirrel, Acorn Harvest, Marshaling Cry, and Travel Preparations. Like the Innistrad deck, this will be a fast deck that wins by attacking with lots of creatures; but where that deck went all in on the tribal theme, this deck will focus on making and buffing tokens.

Let us know what other decklists you come up with for this seed, or if there's a card you want us to try building around. Happy brewing!

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