The Monthly Custom Card Contests are Open!

The day is finally here: It is the first of the month and the three longest-running custom Magic: The Gathering card contests on the internet have arrived in their new home, MTGNexus Custom Card Contests & Games! Those of you who were involved in custom cards in MTGSalvation will remember the DCC, MCC, and CCL - those of you who are unfamiliar with them, now is the perfect time to start!


The DCC, or Daily Card Contest, can be entered as few or as many days per month as you like. There is no challenge or restriction on what to post! Simply post any custom Magic card you've designed along with votes for two of the previous day's designs. Whomever gets the most total votes at the end of the month wins!

The CCL, or Card Creation League, is a structured contest in which contestants judge one another's cards. Each round has a challenge, and anyone can enter during the first two rounds. You post a custom card that fits the challenge, and then after the round, critique a list of other contestants you've been assigned and rank your top three favorite entries from among them. After the first two rounds, the top eight total scorers will move on, followed by the top four of that round into the semifinal round and the top two of that round into the final round. The winner is decided by a public poll at the end of the month!

The MCC, or Monthly Card Contest, is the most formal and strict custom card contest and only the first round is open for anyone to enter. There will also be an open call for judges. Each round of the MCC has a main challenge with two optional subchallenges and contestants are each scored by a randomly assigned judge. Only the top scorers in each judge's bracket can move on to the next round. The third round pits pairings of contestants directly against one another, and each card in the final round is evaluated by every judge. The top total scorer in the final round wins the month.

There's something for everyone in the storied Monthly Contests, and we hope to welcome lots of new and old faces alike to an amazing new chapter.

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